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Liability coverage

Liability coverage is required in Minnesota to drive a car. Liability insurance may help cover damages for injuries and property damage to others for which you become legally responsible resulting from a covered accident.

Collision insurance

If you're leasing or financing your car, Collision insurance is required. This will help pay to repair or replace your vehicle that was involved in an accident

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive Insurance will help pay for damage to you vehicle from incidents other than a collision. Examples would be certain weather damage, animals, vandalism, theft, fire and more.

Personal injury protection insurance

Personal Protection Insurance (also known as "No-fault Insurance") will help cover medical expenses, no matter who is at fault. This coverage often includes lost wages as well.

Gap insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance is usually an add-on that gets very under appreciated. Even if you have Full Coverage insurance, that doesn't cover the difference in what you owe on a loan. This is where gap insurance comes in.

Classic car insurance

Typically, most drivers notice and respect a classic or vintage car on the road. And most owners keep their vehicles well maintained. So if you're driving a classic car, not only is there a coverage made just for the needs of a vintage car - it's usually much cheaper than average insurance costs.

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